The “FARMpreneurs”

Ivy Singh-Lim

Ivy, aka the “Gentle Warrior” comes from lineage that is half Rajput: her father’s ancestry descends from the warrior caste. She also gets her nickname from consistently fighting for what she believes in- usually nicely. If you’ve met her, you wouldn’t forget her. Born to a fortunate land-owning family, she got her morals infused from a blend of religions and philosophies handed down from her father, the care and support of two Chinese mothers, and her Convent school upbringing. Treasuring kindness, determination, friendship, and helping others less-fortunate, she has taken these values through a career in the tobacco industry, property development and into her “retirement” years on the farm.

As an outspoken person never afraid to share her thoughts, Ivy has championed many causes throughout her life. As the former President of Netball Singapore, she helped drive the sport to national and international significance. She has also served as Secretary and Vice-President of the Singapore Gardening Society, and Founding President of Kranji Countryside Association, helping to push to the forefront useful, healthy living and food security for Singapore. Catch her down on the farm and you’re guaranteed a spirited discussion about race, religion, politics, and all other taboo subjects- be warned: no holds barred!

Lim Ho Seng

Lim Ho Seng is the wind beneath Ivy’s wings, the quieter balance to the boisterous wife. Coming from a corporate career in accountancy and management, Ho Seng was the former CEO of NTUC Fair Price, helping build the local retail institution to new heights before his retirement in 1997. A well-tenured advisor, he continued to sit on the boards of public listed companies until recently when he entered full retirement. Together with Ivy, he enjoys the simpler, leisurely things in life: growing plants, being with dogs, fishing and salting eggs and fish. Ho Seng is the brains behind the brawn of Bollywood, keeping things humming along, financially solvent, and well-stocked in new banana trees. When he’s not keeping Ivy out of trouble (practically a second career for him), he is an avid fisherman and traveller, exploring the quainter parts of countries like China and Thailand.

Both Ivy and Ho Seng believe strongly in living the good life, looking after friends and loved ones, and enjoying a life connected with their land, community, and country. It is their hope that through showcasing a rural lifestyle, they can help create a society that is more caring and civil with a focus beyond material assets. Their goal is to help develop the Kranji Countryside into a vibrant community with varied farms, recreational amenities, a farmer’s market, nature paths to explore the Singapore’s remaining wilderness, and bolster local food production.