Lim Ho Seng is the wind beneath Ivy’s wings, the quieter balance to the boisterous wife. Coming from a corporate career in accountancy and management, Ho Seng was the former CEO of NTUC Fair Price, helping build the local retail institution to new heights before his retirement in 1997. A well-tenured advisor, he continues to sit on the boards of public listed companies. Together with Ivy, he retired to the farm to enjoy the simpler, leisurely things in life: room to grow vegetables, have dogs as pets, a fishing pond, and to salt eggs and fish. Ho Seng is the brains behind the brawn of Bollywood, keeping things humming along, financially solvent, and well-stocked in new banana trees. When he’s not keeping Ivy out of trouble (practically a second career for him), he is an avid fisherman and traveller, exploring the quainter parts of countries like China and Thailand.