Ivy, aka the “Gentle Warrior” comes from lineage that is half Rajput: her father’s ancestry descends from the warrior class. She also gets her nickname from consistently fighting for what she believes in- usually nicely. If you’ve met her, you wouldn’t forget her. Born to a fortunate land-owning family, she got her morals infused from a blend of religions and philosophies handed down from her father, the care and support of two Chinese mothers, and her Convent school upbringing. Treasuring kindness, determination, friendship, and helping others less-fortunate, she has taken these values through a career in property development and into her “retirement” years on the farm.

As an outspoken person never afraid to share her thoughts, Ivy has championed many causes throughout her life. As the former President of Netball Singapore, she helped drive the sport to national and international significance. She has also served as Secretary and Vice-President of the Singapore Gardening Society, and President of Kranji Countryside Association, helping to push to the forefront useful, healthy living and food security for Singapore. Catch her down on the farm and you’re guaranteed a spirited discussion about race, religion, politics, and all other taboo subjects- be warned: no holds barred!