Opened in 2009, the Bollywood Bhanchha (kitchen) brings farm-to-table food alive. Enjoy private and intimate luncheons or culinary classes, with ingredients directly foraged from our 10-acre farm.

Our chef and culinary facilitators can whip up a delicious meal for you with a customised menu and exclusive use of the bhanchha space. Email to find out more.


Do you ever wonder about the history of food and agriculture, and how it’s influenced human civilisation? Agriculture has been critical in human evolution: an enabler of wealth, a cause of famines, and a shaker of even the strongest of nations.

Bollywood Food Museum contains 24 bespoke oil paintings illustrating the interaction between human civilisations and their food, the agricultural and industrial revolutions, and how the future of agriculture will determine our planetary existence.

The food museum is also frequently used as a versatile working space for group retreats. Email to find out more.